Go Ahead I did it!

One thing held in common by my wives (no I don't have a harem but have been married twice) is not allowing me to share my adventures in life with my kids. Mother's, often being over protective, fear that they too might want to relive Dads escapades. Admittedly, I have not always made the best decisions but to think that I might influence their future decisions is demeaning to me and an insult to their common sense. Sure, I took some chances on a dare and created some of my own, hopping a freight train, tipping my canoe over by hitting the construction pilings for the Saylorville Dam with no life jacket and not knowing how to swim, working as a bouncer at a "Biker Bar" just to name a very few. My mother almost went into shock finding out what some of my youthful experiments by her little angel involved and I swear she wondered where I hid my tail and horns. I as always obeyed my wive's wishes and held back divulging my youthful depravities, but boy I can't wait to have grandkids when the statutes of mom limitations expires and I'm free to share the adventurous prattlings of an old man and grandma's explanation "You know Grandpa's old and just isn't quite right."

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