Fashion Unconscious

I must admit that I dress better now than ever which quite frankly wouldn't take much. My wife is constantly going though and weeding out my closet and making donations to Charitable groups, that give me some thoughts of concern. Some poor souls are wearing clothes that were deemed not good enough for me but fine for them, I feel a bit snobbish. Secondly, there might be kids wearing them as costumes representing the "good old days". A man much wiser than I (most everybody) explained fashion is cyclical and eventually comes back in thus my saving of certain clothing, you can imagine my dismay as my wife bagged up my bleeding madras and paisley shirts and my stacked heel Beatle boots and stretchable light blue polyester pants for other destinations. As far as I'm concerned we will have the best dressed homeless people in America.Some of you will remember my revolutionary fashion statement in the late 60's and early 70's. Long hair, full beard, suede Ponderosa shirt, bib overalls and GI bunny boots. It never seemed to catch on and now on second thought, honey could you go through my closet again?

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