The Jungle Beckons

As I tread out to my all terrain vehicle heading for work this morning I spotted movement in the underbrush. Indeed nature was taking it's course as two large wild Lepus were entangled in creating their next brood. Rushing to the Jeep, not wanting to interfere with natures course, I realized the Jungle we used to call our front yard had now become a wild life preserve. It provided habitat for many of the beasts who had adapted to the city Savannah. Thus my quandary, dare I move forth with my Briggs and Stratton defoliator and contribute to climate changes plus destroy the safe haven for natures creatures, or do I have it declared a sanctuary and leave it to it's natural environment. Of course there is always a concern about poachers ravaging and destroying my best intentions. I decided to consult with my partner as to what decision should be made. After mulling it over for almost a full second she declared "Get your butt out there and mow the yard!"

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