Getting ready to bring the bikes up from the basement to give the impression we'll be riding them soon. Got a nice rack to put on the car a few years ago might just have use it. I think I'm going to have to regain my riding skills, it's been a few years and if I recall correctly I had training wheels on my tricycle. I never had my own bike until my teens in fact my younger brother had one a few months ahead of me...The MIGHTY MUSTANG!...Which my Dad, back from New Mexico, bought him for his birthday. It was my beloved Uncle Junior who took note of this injustice one day and went to a used bike shop and bought me a top of the line ROADMASTER. This bike weighed a little less than a car and had one of the old bike horns that was built in and took 4 D batteries which would last about 15 minutes. Finally I had some wheels and I road it a full three months until I got my drivers license. It was the best bike I've ever owned because it came from my Uncle Junior, the guy with the biggest heart I ever knew. As I prepare again to enter the world of 2 wheels be cautioned as you see that old curmudgeon zig zagging down the street it might be me, and a lot of people over the years have often told me "You're a little off balance."

Just 28 days to Ames High Baseball on 1430 KASI, the Little Cyclones Hometown Station!