Things I Miss

"Time Marches On" so they say and I guess in some ways I'm living proof which is definitely better than the alternative. Doing a little memory searching this morning, which any more is not a long trip, I thought of a couple of things I miss. First is the medicine cabinet, where I could ponder my look of the day, slip my old razor blades into the mysterious hole it provided and store everything I needed to get my day started right. It even held emergency supplies like aspirin, Band Aids, mercurochrome or merthiolate depending on what your pain threshold was, but very seldom medicines. The second missing thing in life is the sound of the old screen doors, you know , powered by an exceptionally strong spring that slammed it back in place when you let go followed by the sounds of your parents warning you not to slam it. The ones that adorn the Mom and Pop groceries with a metal Colonial Bread logo across the front. I have many more of these to share but I've got to get my tooth brush on the charger or how will I ever brush my teeth. Enjoy your day!

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