My 43 Year Old Pet Dies

A difficult day yesterday as I lost one of the most noble and faithful pets I've ever known, "Pebbles" my pet rock is no more. Foul play is suspected as a set of paw prints were found near by. I had earlier taken her out for and set her down on the back stairs, she loved the rain. When I returned the stand was empty with traces of gravel left around it. I searched and yelled her name for about 15 seconds to no avail. I will place an ad in our local geological magazines along with a picture but hope is slim. Now when I take what used to be our daily walk, my heart and my pocket will be empty. 43 years may seem old to some of you but in rock life its minus 140 years in human life. I will miss you Pebbles, in good times and bad times you were always my "Rock". You were small in stature and a bit shy I'm hoping as you ascend to Quarry Heaven you become boulder, ROCK ON !

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