Inventive Minds

How many times have you said "I wished I'd of thought of that!" and kissed a fortune away? At a very early age age I always wanted to be an inventor. I was notorious for tearing things apart to discover how they worked but could never get them back together so they would. My parents were always buying a toaster exclaiming "I don't understand it, it worked this morning" They almost had a fear of using them as a couple caught fire. I then moved on to radios never realizing you can't just put any tube in any hole. (what's a tube?) I was jealous when my older brother Joe was on the cusp of fame as he had come up with a set of golf clubs where you only carried 1 shaft and screwed the golf heads on thus lightening the load, his dreams shattered when he found the shafts were different lengths. One day my step dad came to me to tell me my ideas weren't always foolish. He pulled out a crayon drawing I had done a years before and reminded me of a day when we were getting ready to watch a Yankees game that had gotten rained out. It was a drawing of a stadium with a retractable roof then he showed me a newspaper announcing that Toronto was opening such a stadium. Vindicated but no richer and later suffered another setback on my idea for a "waist wallet", Fanny Packs as they're known now.

It's gratifying to know that we have listeners around the world thanks to iHeart radio and I often get e mail from folks who have moved from the area or relatives of Ames High athletes who love to listen to the games they're in.