Golf at any Level

I love playing golf and I can't really explain why. If ever there is a sport that frustrates me it's chasing that dimpled sphere around with a club, hitting it at every angle but straight. I play every fairway on the course just not when I'm supposed to. I have a great fear when I head in the woods to find my ball I need to blaze trees to find my way back plus carry some food just in case. Children should be banned from the course until I am done, just too much profanity. You can see wildlife fleeing as if there's a forest fire when I go into a tirade. Once I get to the green I luckily must be playing with professionals instead of friends as they offer tips as to my errant style of play. At times I feel I should drive by the course and throw a dozen balls in the ditch and save money on green fees. Several instructors have sent out my picture to warn others of the frustration and mental instability I can cause. I've yelled fore so much I'm sure it adds up into the billions.Yet again I will return this season because I just love the damn game, being outdoors with friends and bragging about that hole I 3 putted on.

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