Easter Style

Memories of Easters past are bittersweet for me. It was the only religious holiday that warranted the buying of new clothes. As far back as I can remember my oldest brother had passed the looking cute phase of dressing while my poor next oldest brother had the misfortune of being lumped in with my younger brother and me. The year was 1955 when my mother had a temporary loss of color awareness as she bought us outfits that matched. They were little jackets with checkered piping and they came in 3 obnoxious colors...Fluorescent Green, Yellow and Orange. Realize I was 8 my you5ger brother 5 but my older brother had just turned 13. You can convince the younger 2 that they're looking sharp but it was a "No Sale" to my older brother. His fear at that time was not only the embarrassing fact that he matched his punk brothers but the fear that the jacket was highly flammable and might catch fire from an ash that had fallen from his illegally purloined cigarettes, he was already burning holes in his rolled up jeans pant cuffs by using them as ash trays.. I only remember wearing these one time and never saw them again, it was another reason to celebrate Easter, it was little sport coats and ties after that.

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