Graduated from Bars

A recent study shows that college students are frequenting local bars less. These financially conscious and attuned young people have decided it's better to indulge at home or a friends in order to save money. When they do go out, they prime themselves early and cap off the night at local establishments. As a former bar owner near a university I can assure you the rules were tight and cut many a person off at signs of drunkeness, even so we were sued a couple of times by people who got drunk somewhere else then decided to visit us. Even though we didn't serve them it was the last place they remembered being. I would offer this advice, if you're over indulging at home, stay home and while I never support over use of stimulants you're likely to be safer there than exposing your stupidity in public. It will save you lots of money by not getting arrested, a day of apologies afterwards but unfortunately not the punishment of a next day hangover.

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