Impacted Distracted

There ought to be a law against distracted driving, oh wait, there is. Well there are an inordinate amount of lawbreakers driving around out there. I actually witnessed 3 near accidents in a cross town drive all because folks were not paying attention to what they were doing, in one case both drivers were on their phones. It is to epidemic proportions and causing death and injuries across our nation. We need to stiffen the laes beyond financial penalties, I think an immediate suspension of driving privileges for 30 days should be invoked starting at the time of the offense. I know this would stand in the face of due process but it would ease my rage immediately if the officer could get them out of their car and have it towed and let them walk for a month. Sadly they will probably get hit by a car texting someone to come pick them up while their walking. I implore you, PLEASE DON'T DRIVE DISTRACTED! It could cost you your life as well as someone else's. If it's me, expect a severe haunting until I can punch you out in the afterlife!

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