The Pine Bluff Saga continues...

The saga continues, back to Pine Bluff Arkansas. After returning to the motel and enjoying an entrée of a Nestle's Crunch bar and a bottle of water I retired for the evening. The next morning I got to the field about 5:30 am, I had missed the production meeting the night before because of my late arrival. I parked my car and began to trek across an open field when all of a sudden 3 men began running toward me ordering me to stop immediately. I was soon to find out that President Clinton was visiting during the game and this field was off limits, after establishing they were secret service and I was an innocent member of the crew one of them felt it necessary to point out I was lucky to have stopped when I did. At that point he talked on a radio and 3 men with high powered rifles stood up and waved. Once the rubber came out of my legs they escorted me to the truck. This was not the end of humiliation, as I entered the stadium I was subjected to a metal detector and a frisk just short of a cavity search. I proceeded to my position on field with my announcer, the one and only Tim Garvey. We were told we could not leave until after the game they then proceeded with a rehearsal of the Presidents route through the stadium which would exit about 20 feet ahead of where we stood. We were warned, although the temptation would be great we were not to move toward the president. After the 6th inning Hail to the Chief played through the speakers and indeed the president shook hands and proceeded through the practiced route. As he approached the gate to leave the field he looked over at us and I smiled. Without any hesitation he turned and walked over and shook my hand, asked me where I was from and welcomed me to his home state of Arkansas, he then turned around and headed out. I must admit as thrilled as I was, all I could think of was the three men on the roof of the stadium. The trip home was fairly uneventful except for the dump truck that kicked up a rock, dented my hood and cracked my windshield. Just one more adventure In my broadcasting career

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