The Show Must go On!

Having worked in television and radio broadcasting for most of my life the old adage that the "show must go on" is embedded in my soul. The worst nightmares of my life have been about not being to get a show on the air, try as I might obstacles are placed in the way and I wake up with a headache and somewhat depressed. Chris believes that when I got a phone call from ESPN one afternoon asking me whether I was willing to drive to Pine Bluff Arkansas to field produce for the Pony League World Series the next day I automatically said "Yes!". Understand this was a 9 hour drive with a 6am report time the next morning but one of the greatest adventures of my life. After arriving at my hotel late that night the pangs of hunger caused me to ask where I might find some good southern BBQ. "Harley's Rib Joint" was the answer "but you better be real hungry, it's not a good side of town". I jumped in my car and quickly headed to Harleys. I noticed the neighborhood was a bit ramshackle but straight ahead with a neon sign with a pigs head on it declared arleys brbq (some of the letters burned out) As I pulled into the parking lot and got out of my car I saw a man running out the door with what I thought was a bag of ribs until I saw a gun in his other hand. He started shooting wildly into the air as the sirens approached and I found out what the bottom of my car looked like.. It was soon over and the thief apprehended with a quick surrender. As I stood up one of the officers approached me and questioned as to what I had seen. Figuring I was an innocent, starving out of towner, he told me I could go at which I asked "Is there any chance I could go in for some "Crime Scene Buffet" He looked at me and laughed indicating it was time for me to leave. Needless to say the only thing I ate that night was some Harleys gravel parking lot as hid behind the rear tire of my car. This saga does not end here and shall be continued.....

Look for changes in the weekday lineup as Armstrong and Getty begins Monday at 10am with Dave Ramsey moving from noon to 3 and Markely and Van camp from 3 to 6pm on 1430 KASI-AM, and on your iHeart app.


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