Locked in a Cell

How many people do you know are locked in a cell? In fact you might be locked in one. It's a different kind of cell, it has bars, you're given a number and before it you've become it's captive. You've probably figured it out by now, I'm talking about your cell phone. How many times an hour are you looking at it, every time it indicates a call or text are you able to wait or does it get immediate attention? Do you turn it off at dinner or when you are out? Dare you ever just turn it off or leave it at home? We've become addicts and slaves, Pavlov could have used these to further his experiments. While we think these keep us in touch they put us out of touch with the things that are near us. They have caused us to be rude in our "must get this" attitude. They have contributed to the already high stress load in our modern lives. Our kids have got them, we've got them all of God's children have a phone or wait a minute...Do the phones have us? Soon support groups will arise with the mantra of "Hi, my name is Mel, and I'm a cell phone addict. It's been 3 minutes since I've looked at my phone." and the room will fill with awws and disbelief. You are the master, show your phone who's in control. Gotta go I'm getting a text!

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