School,Skip It!

Sitting here thinking about the first time I skipped school and the many times there after, it may explain certain gaps in education I suffer from. My first time was the age of 6 in Central City Colorado, I was eating breakfast when I heard my folks were going to take my younger brother to a doctors appointment in Idaho Springs. Beg as I did, I was sent running out the front door just ahead of a swift hand headed for my bottom. As I continued down the mountain road to school my undeveloped mind could not allow me to let my parents make what I felt would be the biggest mistake of their lives (besides me) In the year that we had lived there, needless to say, I had honed my skills, as all mountain children do, into the stealth ways of an Indian Scout. It was because of this I was able to return to our small homestead and conceal myself behind the large front seat of the car. Soon my parents and brother entered the vehicle without ever looking back. The car started and we headed for the highway at the bottom of our road. I figured once we had gone halfway I would pop out and allay their fears of having made their earlier bad decision allowing me to revel in praise and glory. Suddenly the car stopped and a voice filled with authority and prophecy said "Nice try Scout, we're at your school and the bell just rang you better hurry. Your Mom wants to talk with you after school." The space of time lessens the want to punish, going to bed early would suffice. Much like my blood brothers quests, this tale would be told often around future Crippen Tribe campfires.

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