City Wildlife

Driving into work early morning (shamefully 8 blocks), i have observed an inordinate amount of metropolitan wildlife on the move. I have seen deer in one our busiest intersections, 13th and Grand. I though it strange, they didn't seem frightened, and actually stood there for several minutes. That's when I realized they were going to turn south down Grand and were waiting for the light to change and we all have spent part of a lifetime doing that. There's also the shadowy image of the nighttime garbage bandit Racoons not to mention the scurrying of the rat like opossums. I once observed a wily fox feasting on the "Watership Down" buffet of rabbits in the neighbors yard not to mention,but I will, a daytime visit to the same area by a neighborhood hawk. I must admit I much more enjoy these creatures running free than rather than having them as speed bumps. I always find it amusing when people complain of these creatures invading their space when actually we're the invaders. You better hope they're not suddenly represented by the ACLU and are seeking reparations.

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