Ambition is a Piece of Paper

Tis that time of year we venture forth to see the scourge of Mother Nature on our estates, along with that comes my wife compiling a list of things to accomplish which runs well into the next century. Now some of you refer to this as your "Honeydo" list, labors of love put forth to enhance the beauty or repair the damage caused by a vengeful winter. I must admit ours is a partnership often sharing the jobs at hand. My wife subscribes to the mantra of "If you want things done right, do it yourself and let Mel think he helped". This works fine for me , as we experienced (old) folks often say "I've done mine". Since she's over 20 years my junior I'm never going to deprive her of experiencing the challenges of home ownership. What does bother me, she never seems to want to utilize the suggestions I readily share. You know when your main duty is to hold the ladder and not climb it, get the tiller started then hand it over, cut the front yard, she'll take care of the back. She either loves you more than you know or you just do a crappy job. Believe me it's the former not the latter, then again it could be a combination.

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