Thanks Hilton

It's been over 30 years since I've been courtside for an Iowa State Game in Hilton Coliseum. "Whats that?" some of you might say, "I used to see you in there all the time". You would be correct but think back you, you never saw me during the game, I was watching it on TV, in fact about 20 TV's as I was producing the games for broadcast. Saturday, I was courtside covering it for the station and the magic flooded me with memories of the many players and coaches I have had the honor of covering and the wonderful hospitality of the athletic department. Many new and some old familiar faces greeted me, and time slipped back. I must admit I almost mounted the stairs on the TV truck as I walked by it just seemed right. As I entered the press room I was staggered for a moment by a picture of three of my favorite memories Johnny Orr, Pete Taylor and Eric Hoeft, each of us could blackmail each other with stories of the road. There on the stage was another familiar face, Rich Fellingham, the smiles were automatic as we assessed who was looking better in their 70's. A friendship that goes back over 30 years and one I hold dearly. As I headed back to my reserve seat in the press area the electricity was overwhelming and only grew as the game progressed, it was then I realized I was still restricted from yelling as I was working media, damnit, I've got over 30 years of repressed cheering still inside that needs to be released. GO CYCLONES!

Iowa State Women will face the Northern Missouri Bears in the next step of the NCAA Tournament. Of course we've got all the action beginning at 7:30 on 1430 KASI-AM, and on your iHeart App.