More than Politics we're BASKETBALL!

With never ending political campaigns, Iowa seems to hold a bigger spotlight longer in our nation. We country bumpkin, sod bustin', weed chewin', seed cap wearin', bib overall modelin' hicks seem to hold some sway with our first in the nation caucuses. Every candidate that passes through will attempt to speak our "Down Home " language. Wear one of those seed caps while walking through a field. eat a disgusting corn dog at the fair. Interrupt local coffees to hear what we're talking about. They'll shake hands till the sun goes down but somehow seem reluctant to kiss our babies. They'll stand on stumps, picnic tables, and hay wagons to convince us they're not so different but sometimes convince us that we are. Then the magic words are spoken "The caucuses are over" and most, if not all, disappear until a few weeks before the election and only if we are designated a "Swing State". At least we know where we stand, but do us a favor, stay away for a little while, those grain baskets we hang on the barns to shoot baskets are evidently paying off. Before we begin a plantin' those crops we got some basketball to be played and unless you're a sportin' our colors, stay clear till April.

The Road starts in Tulsa tonight and right her on 1430 KASI-AM as our Iowa State Cyclones take on Ohio State in 1st round NCAA action. 8pm is pregame, tip off set for 9 pm. if reception is a little fuzzy, feel free to switch to our sister station NOW 105.1 fm. We're both the Hometown Stations of the Cyclones!