The Art of Lifes Shortcuts

I went to so many Grade Schools growing up, in fact 6 to be exact that I was always the "new kid' in class. As such I was always subject to the wisdom imparted by those with longer tenure, I guess this is where I really learned about life's prejudices. I, of course, had to be categorized first to establish my worthiness for certain social groups. The larger the school the more opportunity to climb higher on the ladder of acceptance, conversely a greater chance of falling into a group of undesirables. The categories of judgement were quite variable including, height, weight, clothing, haircut nose picker or not and several others. What was impressive was we didn't carry a lot of adult prejudices like race, ethnicity or religion. We sufficed in having fun and enjoying each others company, bullies were something we took on face to face not hiding behind the anonymity of a social media wall. Oh, we were never perfect and often times our parents would let life's lessons play out instead of shielding us from them. "Sometimes you have to learn things the hard way" my dad would pass on, "it's the only way you truly understand the rewards and consequences". There are no shortcuts on the path of experience.

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