Confused Again

For once I'll be very concise, is it any wonder as we reach the tender age of senior years we become confused. Perhaps dementia is not as severe as we think, it could be a result of all the research that is going on. We grew up in times of discovery, we nearly eradicated measles, chicken pox, polio and several other dangerous diseases, yet today there is a considerable effort to not vaccinate children. I've gone through several studies as to the benefits and dangers of drinking coffee. I've witnessed the cycles of what is fashionable whirl over and over again, so much so that at my age I wear what is comfortable. The childhood mantra of act your age has asserted itself in our "twilight" years by our children. Sometimes what some folks think is ignorance is just feigned so as not to justify the incompetence of some in the younger generations. I'm not mad, just confused at the gullibility of those who's lives are being governed by the amazingly flawed information on social networks.

Iowa State men's and women's basketball teams prepare for the NCAA Tournament and we've got you covered. First round action for the men begins at 8 pm on Friday against Ohio State. The women take the court at 5:45 with pre game set for 4:15 as they face New Mexico. Be aware we will be unable to put these on our web site or your iHeart app because of NCAA restrictions but will be on 1430 KASI-AM, Home town station of the Cyclones. The men's game is also available on Now 105.1 FM our sister station.