Lottery or Bracketology?

The brackets are flying around every where and more than likely you will suffer pressure from the workplace bookie to participate. If you're a guy and required to love sports as proof of your manhood you will automatically participate. Ladies there is still a stigma that you have no knowledge of anything sports and will probably suffer the stinging remarks of your neanderthal male counterparts who look at your entry as a way of sweetening the pool. Will all who have won the NCAA Bracket pool please raise their hands, don't worry you won't lose an eye by the waving of hands. None of you are likely to be retiring on the winnings but will enjoy the opportunity to chide one another as your sheets hit the shredder. Now the decision must be made, $5 in the office pool with a chance to win $50 or $5 in the Lottery with a chance to win half a billion? The office pool will allow you more hours of entertainment and chances to humiliate, the Lottery will let you dream bigger but remember the office pool will let you keep your friends, the lottery, if you win, makes you hide from them and every other person you know. The answer is easy, put $5 in each of them, you really can't lose.

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