Not Green with Envy but Envying Green

Does it get any uglier in Iowa than now? No I'm not talking the Campaigns that are criss crossing our state although they bring a different kind of green in the form of money. i'm talking about the after effects of the harsh end to winter. For the most part Iowa becomes a mud bog as the snow disappears. This year it's streams and rivers have decided to see what life is like outside their banks and our roadways have set up an obstacle course of potholes the military could never equal. It will take time but it will change, many will flee the dismalness next week embracing the freedom and beauty of spring break in other parts of the country while the rest of us will impatiently scan our estates for the first signs of green. C'mon Spring, show me what you got!

Iowa State continues it's Quest at the BIG 12 Tournament in Kansas City. Dave Sprau will Join Mel in the Morning from 6-9 am with a preview then at 5 pm the pregame for the Iowa State/Kansas state semi-final begins with tip off set for 6pm. It's all happening on the hometown station of the Cyclones, 1430 KASI-AM. and on your iHeart app.