Royal Treatment

If you've never been treated like royalty then you haven't been to Kansas City during the Big 12 Basketball Tournament. Of all the schools in the tournament KC has recognized that Iowa State Fans bring the most to the table, and it's not just the money. In a very unscientific survey I took a few years back when I was working for ESPN every where I went when I had free time I asked the same question, who are the nicest people in Kansas City during the tournament, over 80% responded Iowa State folks. I had given no sign I was from Iowa and even went to great lengths to dress as neutrally as I could. It was pointed out that the courtesy and kindness they gave to the hosts and employees was exemplary not to mention they were great tippers. Whether you like basketball or not KC has so much to offer and they do it in style, Cardinal and Gold will permeate many businesses and I'm not so sure they take all of it down after we leave. The Sprint Center "Hilton South" will be busy, hopefully it will be filled with Magic throughout the week, I know Kansas City will.

All this week, Dave Sprau will join Mel in the Morning from the Hotel Phillips in Kansas City and bring you the excitement of the Big 12 Tournament. It's the insight you won't get anywhere else except on 1430 KASI-AM, and your iHeart app every morning on the hometown station of the Cyclones from 6 to 9 am.