Sunday Challenge

Okay, Sunday is my only sleep in morning, the one my wife has to look at me in dreamland while she's getting ready for work. In her head she knows I'm awake feigning sleep to make her jealous. She let's the act continue until she's ready to leave when she let's me know her expectations of achievement from me for the day, we used to call them chores. I always classified chores as the things we didn't want to do but did because of the exorbitant 25 cents we were paid a week. (just noticed there no longer is a cents sign on the keyboard) back to this morning, when the door slammed I arose to begin my morning repast, eggs over easy, bacon, English toast with orange marmalade, coffee and juice followed by an RX desert. I had earlier determined it was a Big Band morning but rather than dusting off my vinyl's politely asked my assistant "Hey Google" to make the selections, so far Count Basie, The Dorsey Brothers, Glen Miller, Cab Calloway, Guy Lombardo, Sammy Kay, Harry James, Benny Goodman, Art Tatum and too many others to mention have filled my morning with bliss. Just went out to start the Jeep, it's decided to take the day off trapping my Nissan in the driveway. The battery is new and I suspect a starter, a little too cold and snowy for the motorcycle. The house will get some extra cleaning and some work on the book, but for some reason I'm feeling the need for a Heavy Metal background. OK, let's cap it off with this, as I start to request my change in musical genre, Stan Getz comes on with "It Might as Well Be Spring" are you kidding me, why not add a little lemon juice to the salt in my wound? This too shall pass.

The Iowa State Women face the Kansas Jayhawks tonite in the last of 2 regular season big 12 matchups before the Tournament in Oklahoma City. Pre game is set for 6 pm with tip off at 6:30 pm. Catch all the action on the home town station of the Cyclones 1430 KASI-AM, and on your iHeart radio app.