Relay for Life

The Relay for Life in the Fight Against Cancer will be taking place in many communities through out our country. Although I've been involved off and on since it came to our city and have even been honorary chairman 3 times in the past 20 years, this one will be different. It's always been a roller coaster of emotions for me as I remember the death sentence this used to be. I can't even count the number of relatives I lost to it when I was growing up. The announcement usually went "The doctor says I have Cancer" followed by a dismal life expectancy ranging from 6 months to a year. The months after were excruciating as we watched them waste away with no hope. Within the last 10 years I've lost 2 brothers to this dreaded disease plus have several friends that are like brothers to me continuing the battle. Years ago I walked with the survivors around the track holding the hand of a 7 year old still in the fight, as I looked over my shoulder I recognized several other people I knew who had won the battle. We walked among memorial luminaries of those who had lost, it was too much, I openly wept. This year will mean even more as I this year am a Cancer survivor. We are winning the battle and eventually the war but not without your support. Please I implore you to get involved in your local Relay For Life by participating either as a walker or donating to them. Let's keep working and praying to eliminate cancer forever.

The Iowa State Basketball teams will be in action this Saturday against Texas. The men's pre game starts at 12 pm, Tip off at 1 pm. the Women take to the hardwood with a 6;30 pm pre game and tip off at 7 pm. It's all happening on the Hometown station of the Cyclones 1430 KASI-AM, and on your iHeart app.