Organizing Life

As many may know I'm currently attempting to chronicle my life experiences into a book. My first question is am I worthy, secondly is coming to grips with what I've done and would it be safer to release posthumously. As I compile my adventures I often wonder how this all could have happened in one persons lifetime. It's not of spectacular, world changing events, it's a compilation of an ordinary man experiencing, in his opinion, extraordinary events and circumstances. Most of these adventures were experienced by being at the wrong place at the right time. Since there are many friends from over the years involved, I must determine the degree of innocence or guilt should be assigned and whether to change names for their protection. I don't expect to get rich if it should make publication, wait a minute, why am I writing a book when greater remuneration could be made through investments or donations by those who prefer to be left out....Hmmm, I don't think that would be blackmail? Keyboard off, phone on speed dialing my attorney....Not really...your part in my life has made me who I am....SHAME ON YOU, but THANKS!

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