Soon Old Friend

It's been a long winter for me and for some others even longer. You see the winter brings more danger than other seasons and folks don't get around as well as they do in warmer months, that's what made me decide to visit an old friend and hopefully lift both our spirits up. He doesn't live in the most gracious surroundings and there was a staleness in the air, hadn't ventured out for about 4 months nor had any visitors. I did all of the talking, reminiscing about our adventures, like the time the Highway Patrol pulled us over for doing 104 mph, less dangerous things like splashing through the water over the roads of Ledges Park and the beautiful fall tour along the Mississippi. I must admit it did more for me than him as I saw it was time to leave. As I headed for the door I looked back and he hadn't moved an inch, "It won't be long" I said I'll be back, who knows what adventures await?" Slowly I closed the door, wiping a couple of tears from my eyes before they froze. I love that old motorcycle of mine, sleep well "Big Purple". Then raising my fist to the sky screamed out "I WAS BORN TO RIDE" and will continue until my legs won't let me straddle the seat, almost 60 years in the saddle and counting!

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