Don't Blame Me!

Well it's been many years since I've gotten my car stuck, today broke that streak. Living on a main street has benefits especially when it's one of the first to be plowed. The disadvantage is the number of times the plow goes by and fills in our driveway entrance. Leaving at 3:30 am presented little problem, but my return after work challenged me with a sizeable plowed drift. I, always looking for adventure and a chance to demonstrate my lack of common sense, sped up to plowthe car through, thinking once I had done that I would get the snow blower and clear it out. I made the run and was 3/4 successful leaving the back fourth blocking a lane of traffic on a 4 lane road also known as Highway 69. Luckily my neighbor from across the street was out shoveling and came immediately to my aid. We were soon joined by my wife with our shovel and a look that should have melted the snow. The embarrassment was overwhelming as people drove by staring at my poor judgement and smiling. I did manage to deflect some of the blame when Chris was busy shoveling I would look at the passing cars, put my hands in the air, look at her and shake my head as if she had done it. after about 15 minutes we had it cleared. I got our snow blower and finished clearing it out then did the openings for my neighbors to the North and South, I stalled another 30 minutes before I headed indoors for my driving lecture from the Sargent, soon she'll administer a written test and if I pass I may get my keys back. Now as I sit here in the "Time Out" corner I wonder how long I'll be grounded and hope she doesn't catch me on my computer. Uh oh here she comes...GOTTA GO!

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