The "Experts"

The world has become an arena for so called "Political Experts" and has permeated social media. I myself fell into this trap with no positive results in fact alienated some folks I really didn't give a damn about their politics and just plain liked solely on my experiences with them. I no longer breach political subjects on Social Media It just isn't worth it, those that do preach, are doing so to the same followers. Go back and check your responses, the same people are agreeing and disagreeing with you so what have you gained? It's like "whistling in the wind". If you really want to try and make a difference become active with your candidate or party not by using the same media that Russia uses to influence our political choices, although once I did get a great Borscht recipe and which Vodka to match it with. For your sanity and the sanity of others, take a break, share the joy that makes you happy, adventures and accomplishments that put a smile on your face and in turn the faces of your friends.

Here's a game changer, literally. The Iowa State Women's game has been moved up to 10 am this morning, but don't worry you won't miss a single bit of the action. We've got you covered as the Cyclones take on the Sooners of Oklahoma on 1430 KASI-AM, and as always on your iHeart app.