What am I, Food?

We often joke about putting in provisions for winter storms, the bread and milk aisles are like war zones. Folks are out chopping wood for heat case the "lectricity" goes off, at least that much makes sense. snow shovels are put next to doors so once you are able to break through it'll be right there to help you connect with the rest of civilization and if you're like me (I wouldn't wish that on anyone) with an unattached garage you have to shovel a path to get to your snow blower. In my neighborhood that becomes a competition to see who gets to be the hero of the week as we are all known to at least clear the front sidewalk for others. What bothers me most is some mail landed at our house that was not ours, unfortunately the address label had been lost along the way making getting it to the right person a bit impossible, we'll return it to the postal service. That does not completely aleve my fears, you see the title was "The Donner Party Cook Book by Jeffrey Dahmer". Now when you're the fat guy in the neighborhood you begin to worry.

The Ames Girls are in Regional competition tonight against the Johnston Dragons at 6:45 pm thet will be followed by the Iowa State men's game which we'll join in progress as they face Baylor. It's another great night of basketball action on 1430 KASI-AM, 1430kasi.com and as always on your iHeart app.