Best Neighbors Ever!

Yesterday started out as a "quit your bitchin' Day". Awakened at 5am by the sound of the neighbors unmuffled snow blower and snow hitting the side of our house. Chris, who was already getting ready for work asked if I was awake. Now for me, I've already slept 2 hours later than I normally do but I determined last night, with the snow coming and having gotten home around 11 I was going to try and sleep later. Well the blowing continued and I finally surrendered to the obvious that sleep was no longer a choice. I joined Chris in the kitchen for my first jolt of java when she turned to prayer

"Christ, he's still at it!". Came time for her to "Protect an Serve" as she was putting on her coat I mentioned that maybe I should clear the driveway for her to get out, low and behold our neighbor had cleared it and all of our sidewalks. We again turned to prayer "Bless you Brian and your loud damn snow blower". Later as the snow continued to accumulate, my neighbors from across the street came over , Gail cleared my drive way and her husband Rob cleared the entry where the plows had filled it in. Wanting to feel somewhat useful I was allowed to clear the front walk but not without help. After over 30 years here I've determined that Brian and Paula plus Gail and Rob are the most caring neighbors any one could ask for. Don't worry I'm not getting sappy, the neighborhood harassment will continue but with a bit more humility.

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