My Hearts in the Right Place

Ok once again I have been accused of carrying my holiday Scrooge persona into Valentines Day. All I'm doing is being consistent with a policy my wife and I agreed to long ago, gift giving will be dictated by desire and sincerity not by obligation to a declared holiday. Worry not, the kids were treated to all the expected holiday trappings and not subjected to any influence by us as to how they feel. Many times I have been rebuked by others of being cheap, please understand my preferred description would be frugal. There is not a day that goes by that I don't sincerely profess my love and appreciation to the beautiful Saint that I married, my kids are not allowed to leave me without a hug and "I love you" no matter where we might be. In this day and age one can deeply appreciate an expression of love and caring for soulmates and friends, we all need a little hug now and then. Believe me drop the commercial aspects of this holiday and base it strictly on love and appreciation for each other I would wish Valentines Day was every day and in my own way I guess it is.

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