Car Kindness turns to Road Rage

Having been behind the wheel of a car for 55 years legally, 58 years if you count the annual Union Convention my dad would attend in Kansas City for 3 days. He would hide the keys to his 57 Chevy where no one could find them while he was gone or so he thought. I availed myself of this rare opportunity and amassed quite a few parking tickets which I immediately threw away. You can imagine the look on his face when at 2 am Des Moines Police did one of their unpaid ticket crackdowns and carted the innocent scofflaw to jail. they could have water boarded me and I wouldn't talk I would just cast an accusing eye at my older brother Joe, the truth was never revealed. That being said, over the years I like to believe I have mellowed, moving away from Des Moines was key to this process, no longer was I tempted to cruise the loop hunting for crosstown adversaries or heading to Ingersoll to watch the juveniles urinate on the fishbowl studio windows of KSO in defiance of the DJ, "Frank N. Stein". To make a short story long, I was driving on a snow slick road on Sunday when a car coming from the right pulled right out in front of me, I managed to stop mere inches from his door and I hit the horn lightly to which the driver courteously fingered me. As he continued on in front of me he decided to blow right through a stop sign at which that flame of rage he kindled before gre and I again hit the horn and shrugged my shoulders. once again I got the 1 finger salute. Next as we pulled up to an intersection with a green traffic light he slammed on his breaks and sat there until the light turned red, then he signaled me to pull up along side. Noing nothing good could come out of this, I did and rolled down my window. Immediately he started screaming "Have Iowans no courtesy, can't you see I'm from Wisconsin?" Casting an intimidating smile I said " Oh I'm sorry, I didn't know Wisconsin doesn't have traffic laws." He then pointed to a parking lot across the street and said" You just pull in over there and we'll settle this" by this time I felt up to the challenge even though he was 30 years younger and in shape. As I pulled in he got out of his vehicle and I again rolled down my window. "What's your problem!' He yelled "Get out of your Car!" as I began rolling my window up I replied "No, I just wanted to see how high they pile it in Wisconsin, about 6'2" I'm guessing" and with my Iowa wisdom drove away.

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