Cabin Fever Strikes with a Fury

It's a morning of contemplation, no really must do chores today as long as I don't check the wife's list. Thinking of working out in my gymnauseum or just spraying wet spots on one of my t-shirts and placing it where my wife will find it. I actually caught myself grooving to the beat as I fixed breakfast this morning, actually did a couple of half twirls between the counter and the stove and even caught my reflection in the window as I saw the neighbors pull their curtains, guess they have the grandkids over. Popped a few songs on the turntable and sang along, haven't seen the dog since. Waiting for the snow to stop so I can head outside and fire up the "Big Rig" snow blower and clear the estate. It sounds so cool since I put on the small "Cherry Bomb" exhaust and the "Ape Hanger" handlebars, unfortunately I still have to walk behind it. Gonna wear my Briggs and Stratton leather vest over my parka. Gonna come in and get casual with Mark Makers or is it the other way around, just preparing for the next attack today and tomorrow.

Iowa State Coaches Corner kicks off this evenings line up at 6;30 pm then at 7:30 the Ames High Boys will take on Des Moines Roosevelr in a postponed Matchup on 143o KASI-AM, and on your iHeart app.