Signs of Spring

As another dreary day comes to light, we have another Winter Weather Advisory in effect promising freezing rain, sleet, snow, mixed in with a little thunder. Temperatures will drop to sub zero wind chills and roads as well as sidewalks and parking lots will become slick. I know we are Iowans and that means we are hearty souls and can handle it and even though many from the warmer climes question our sanity, we tout the beauty of winter and the opportunities it offers like heavy coats, fashionable stocking hats, gloves not to mention ice scrapers, snow shovels and blowers, the sprinkling of colorful salts just to name a few. It is natures challenge to mankind not all can pass except those of us hearty Nawtheners. Even we at some point can get too much of winter beauty and begin to look for signs of Spring it is with this in mind I offer this ray of hope. I saw my first robin yesterday afternoon, unfortunately it was frozen and lying in the parking on my drive home, but it was a robin, and then I remembered, some robins actually winter in Iowa, damned feathered fools!

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