A Moving Experience

Guilt is weighing heavy on me today, My daughter and her husband officially became homeowners in Huxley and at this very moment are making the move in. As much as I would like to think I'm 30 and would carry the heavy stuff by myself the truth is I'm 71 and lacking the strength to do it. On the other hand my wife, who is freakishly strong, has stepped in and one might say "Taken Charge". I blame Chris, if she had married within her demographic she'd have a younger and more capable husband but, in my defense, could never love and appreciate her more than me. When I asked what I could do to help last night I was told "Stay out of the way." Not in a hurtful but more a caring manner. I surrender to those that have enough to do without worrying about me over doing. I have moved or helped people move many times in my life and decided the next time I move I'll have 6 friends carrying the burden. My contribution will come later when the little problems of home ownership arise, I'll drive Chris down to fix them.

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