Percieved Comfort

It's amazing how attached we become to inanimate objects, we may even name them e.g. your car, your gun, your BBQ or in my case my lounge chair "Ol' Blackie". blackie has been that great source of comfort for me for over 12 years. It's been there through sickness and in health always ready to ease the pain. It never judged my rages as I jumped up and down in frustration during sporting events only to offer me the soothing forgiveness only a good recliner can offer. Lately, although performing admirably, Blackie had began shedding his luxurious coat of simulated leather revealing the white cotton backing that comes with age. For the last 3 years I have been struggling to keep it in it's place of honor in the living room but alas my wife has decided that it must be put to pasture, unfortunately not able to be used for stud purposes as I would welcome it's foal. in an effort of compromise she has allowed me our office as a resting place instead of hauling it away, I will still be able to seek solace when needed and she won't be embarrassed to have people visit. Yesterday I welcomed 'Brownie" to the place of honor, it will, like a wild horse, require some breaking in but as for now this old buckaroo says "Open the Gate, I'm ready!"