Balancing the Promise Ledger

There are many people who made me promises they never thought they would have to keep but the time to meet those promises is now. The "Double Dare" and the "Double Dog Dare" have now fallen into second place as far as life's challenges, as of tonight and tomorrow those of you that made those absurd promises and sought to insure it not ever to be fulfilled with the phrase, "It'll be a cold day in hell!" that day has come. With wind chills pushing 45 to 50 degrees below zero even Satan is pumping up the thermostat not to mention the older people you know that keep their homes at a cool constant 85 degrees year around. Just think of the irony as our city has been trying to have a ribbon cutting at our 2 new outdoor ice rinks. The first was cancelled because it was too warm to make ice, the second, scheduled for tomorrow, because it's dangerously cold. For those of you touting that "This is Global Warming?' correct that phrase to "Climate Change", you might acclimate to that's happening!

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