Felt Bad for a Second

Wow, it's been a long time since I remember it being this cold, this is the spot where some of my non believing less informed friends  to say "And you're worried about Global Warming, ha!' at which I reply "No...CLIMATE CHANGE!". All that aside, my first move this morning was to my key fob to engage the remote start on my car insuring complete toastiness on my drive to work. As I seated myself on the warm seat and grasped the heated steering wheel I looked forward to see our very dependable but lacking remote start Jeep Commander. I began picturing my beautiful wife heading out at -14 to start and warm it up so she can serve and protect our community. A flush of guilt washed over me as I thought of her getting in and out of her patrol vehicle to help citizens in need in the freezing cold while I sit in my warm studio just chatting away. It got to the point I could stand the thought no longer and questioned my ability to live with my guilt laden feelings. That's when I took action, immediately I backed out of the drive and went to work never looking back to allow that moment of weakness that would have only caused my wife to accuse me of male chivalry and insulting her abilities to handle the situation. Once again proving I can change with the times...Chivalry is not dead but somewhat wounded!

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