How Cold is it?

It had to come, it was only a matter of time. Sometimes we Iowans lull ourselves into the idea we may just get a mild winter, truthfully we really don't expect it it's kind of like dreaming about winning the lottery, you feel good until the drawing but then again it's worth a buck just invested in hope. Well the snow has come now to be followed up by brutal cold conditions and as hard and long as we have tried we never seem to acclimate. I'm done blaming Mother Nature, I truly believe that it's a conspiracy of grocers who have actually created a winter weather machine so they can empty their shelves of milk and bread, think about it. Well Diggers protect your posteriors.

Ames High will head south to face Ankeny this Friday night in a Double Header, we'll begin our coverage at 6 pm with the girls contest followed by the boy's. You can hear all the action on 1430 KASI-AM, and on your iHeart APP.