You "Kids " Are Grounded!

After observing our government at "work" over the past several years I've decided we need a 4th branch of the government, the "Parental Branch". Growing up with 4 brothers you might assume there was often controversy involved and my parents became mediators, they were also the administers of justice. Admittedly, though the punishments seemed harsh at the time, they did get the needed response from the offenders. No movies, no television, no allowance, you're not going anywhere until you can prove your trust worthiness. Since the "Kids" in Washington seem to be at an impasse and are crippling the functions of government, I think it's time for Mom and Dad to step in and say you're not going anywhere until this problem is solved. They will lock them in the conference room until they play nicely with others and agree to a solution. The biggest punishment would be no TV, I don't mean watching it, I mean being on it!

This Friday Night it's an Ames High Little Cyclone double header as they head to Johnston to take on the Dragons. Sports Director Dave Sprau will begin  to cover all the action a little after 6 pm on your only choice for Little Cyclone Sports...1430 KASI-AM, and on your iHeart app.