The Last Straw

It always seems like we need something traumatic to trigger our awareness of the environmental destruction we cause. We seem to wait until we have nearly passed the point of no return before we act to correct the problem which usually makes it a more costly endeavor. "What's that" you say, "give you an example" one word, PLASTIC! We have known for a long time that plastic is not biodegradable and now seem surprised to discover that it's being found in the digestive system of animals on both land and sea. An island  made up of millions of tons of floating plastic waste rides the waves of the Pacific Ocean. It is so large it is seeking statehood status and building contractors are investigating building an all inclusive resort on it. Inventive and creative profiteers have offered up one solution, the metal straw. These are being sold at various prices with their own carrying case, you can even get an engraved Sterling Silver one for $175. Both my wife and daughter have purchased one and when offered a plastic straw, they whip them out like a Samurai Sword in scorn of the poor server. Let me offer a much cheaper and long ago created solution, biodegradable paper straws, I grew up using them, plus I always wonder how many times you really reuse a straw.

The Ames High Little Cyclones head toUbandale for a double header. Pre game is set for 6 pm followed by the girls game the boys will take to the court following that contest. You can hear both games on1430KASI-AM, and as always on your iHeart app.