There's Got to be a Morning After

Sounds like a good title for a song...oh it is and one I hope I never hear again. It was pounded in my head many years ago as I stopped for a bite in a small town in South Dakota (are there any big ones). As I entered I realized I had stumbled into the areas teen hangout and felt like the proverbial "square peg in a round hole". Any chance of a clandestine meal was quickly erased as this 26 year old invader took his seat in the newly covered naugahyde booth. There were no menus and the waitress "Sally" gave me the cordial "Wadda ya have "greeting and pointed at the wall which contained the list of sumptuous delights. I debated between the loose meat sandwich or the hamburger with fries, seeing the cook back in the kitchen through the ordering window made up my mind as he was pounding a couple of patties with his bare, unwashed hands. "Loose meat" I declared, and visually searched to souvenir counter for a survivor hat or t-shirt. As I awaited my experiment in culinary art I overheard a conversation going on between 4 high school girls behind me, one was tearfully lamenting a tragic break up with her lifetime boyfriend of 2 weeks. Finally my eating challenge arrived the crushed teen approached the jukebox and plunked in a bucks worth of quarters and punched the same 2 buttons 12 times. My ears were immediately assaulted with the strains of Maureen McGovern assuring little Miss Broken Heart that there would be  a "morning after". If Guiness World Records were there I'm quite sure I would have set a world record for eating my lunch.  I quickly plunked down enough money to cover the bill plus buy Sally a couple of packs of cigarettes and more gum, carefully scurrying across the tear laden floor to my escape vehicle. To this day I carry a vomit bag next to the radio in case this song should desecrate the airwaves of my mobile sanctuary. While many of you are experiencing the effects of over celebrating New Years Eve I assure you there is a "Morning After" you, like myself will survive as I quietly wish you a Happy 2019!

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