New Year, Old Years

New Years brings lots of memories to this experienced (substitute for old) human being. I don't quite remember my first 4 except they were spent with a baby sitter who, under the command of my parents, made 7 pm midnight if not before and quite frankly I didn't care or know it was a time of celebration. As the years progressed my bed time on New Years Eve also became later and my parents went out less and less. My parents were content to share it with relatives, and I would revel with my cousins, at least those that could stay awake. Then it became a stay at home celebration, Chef Boyardee Pizza, a bottle of pop, 10 ounces of Pepsi which was also counted as our weekly ration of soda. Mom and Dad would finish the evening with their Guy Lombardo record of Auld Lang Syne, kiss, then head to bed at 10 pm and admonishing us to hold the noise down at midnight. As time progressed the celebrations varied, a party at someones house, I hosted several years at the bar I owned, always capping off the celebration with confetti, horns, hats, noisemakers and the cheapest champagne to be found, all that was required was a popping cork and be under $5. You discover at 12 pm the judgement of fine liquor has become somewhat diminished. I must admit in some ways my married life mimicked the type of celebration my parents put on with no complaints from my kids except the Guy Lombardo record was a little scratchy. Now we are empty nested we find that opportunity has again availed itself in stepping up our celebration. Tonight we will raise a glass of better champagne, embrace and kiss, then head to bed at 8 pm we both have to be up for work at 4 am tomorrow. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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