Lonesome Town

Not talking about the Ricky Nelson song, just referring to LA, Lovely Ames with school being out both public and the University. It is always a "little" less crowded this time of year but add a Bowl game that is fairly accessible to all Iowa State sports fans you might just ask the last one in town to turn out the lights when they leave. The good folks of San Antonio is about to experience what Kansas City feels every March, faithful fans who love to party and leave lots of money behind. Quite frankly they deserve it, through thick and thin they have steadfastly stuck to the Cardinal and Gold. In a year that certainly started dismally and placed concern that we would be "bowling" anywhere, the bond between team and fans remained strong and now the payoff. We who hold down the city are preparing for the triumphant return, we'll put the final touches on right after the victory. I cannot tell you the difficulty in writing this with my usual objectivity I'm known for....GO CYCLONES!

Coverage of Iowa State in the Alamo Bowl starts tonight at 4pm with a Cyclone Network special. You can catch it on 1430KASI-AM, 1430kasi.com andyour iHeart app.