Who Killed My Santa Claus?

I've never understood why discovering Santa is a myth is a considered a maturing point of life for children. Having 2 older brothers I was assured of learning that fact well before other kids my age. My brother Joe, who was 5 years older, did not want me to be the last 6 year old ignorantly holding on to the dream as he took me aside and demonstrated his maturity by exposing the jolly fat man. It wasn't as if I didn't already have my doubts as earlier that week I stood in a long line at the Central City Colorado Elks club to sit on Santa's lap. Just in front of me was my cousin Bobby who upon approaching the throne declared "Dad is that you?" despite the hushing of Santa, Bobby turned to me declaring that his dad was Santa Claus. You can imagine my confusion, was my beloved Uncle Bob really Santa Claus working under a "Clark Kent " like disguise the rest of the year, or indeed was Santa non existent. I delivered my list anyway just in case. The seed had been planted only to be ripened by that "Carrot Topped" denizen of truth and spoiler of childhood happiness, Joe, rest his soul. As for Bobby who began the expose" he's still around thankfully. Do you think he'll suspect vengeance after 65 years?

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