Santa Knows

I've been asked to play Santa Claus Many times over the years, I've always suspected because I didn't require much padding. All the years were good but one of my favorites was the year I was at our local Mall for the volunteer service. It was one of the best outfits I had ever worn and disguised me quite well. Of course having lived in our community for many years, I didn't recognize the kids but I sure as heck knew the parents and Grandparents that brought them. Once in a while when I would ask if they've been good one of the parents or Grandparents would chime in with you better be honest with Santa or you might not get everything you want. Some of the kids would timidly confess to a minor infraction of the home rules at which I would respond with e.g. "Well Grandpa Jim maybe you should tell him about the time you...."and give a little harmless story about Grandpa. The looks on those adults faces trying to figure out who Santa was and how he had stories about them to share was priceless, the "AHA!" looks on the kids faces were even better. I was never discovered and had to laugh when some of those folks would share the shocking experience they had with Santa at the Mall at which I would reply "Better be good, Santa's always watching, even the big little girls and boys."

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