Yeah, about that "be careful what you wish for" thing...

So, if you listened to today's (11/28/18) show, I thank you.  Also, you heard me talk about an article I stumbled upon written by a food writer who was convinced that he's killed a Portland, OR restaurant by proclaiming that it served "the best hamburger in America."  It's a fascinating read, not only for the story told about the Portland restaurant specifically, but also for the effect sudden fame and popularity have had on other restaurants across the country.  

As I got to the end of the piece, I broke my own cardinal rule for online articles and read the comments.   In this instance, I'm glad I did.  Turns out, the owner of the restaurant that was seemingly killed by it's sudden fame was having problems well before that article was published.  In fact, a local online magazine itself did a little investigation into the matter.  

The moral of the story?  Well, I suppose if you forced me to come up with one, it's that not everything is as it appears to be.  Also, journalists should really resist the urge to put themselves at the center of the stories they write.

In case you missed it--here's yesterday's show:

In hour 1, Trent talks to Media and Politics Guru Jeff Stein.

In hour 2 of Wednesday's show, Trent talks about the realities of a broadband internet utility in Ames.

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