Black and Blue Friday

On your mark, get set, stay home! Wow do the marketers of this country have our number. Offering up bargains to feed the sharks. I understand the MMA have sent out scouts looking for "Real Fighters. It's not the  Christmas spirit that permeates our souls it's good old greed. It's been known that some shoppers dress in their worst clothes hoping to create sympathy in case of a confrontation. It makes the "Walking Dead" series look like a cartoon. How many 70" TV's does a person really need? I shall not be a part of this shopping pandemonium just an observer from afar, besides there's nothing on TV.

Iowa State and Kansas State take to the field in both of their last Big 12 Games of the season on Saturday. We'll have all the action on 1430 KASI with the Cyclone Tailgate Show at 2pm. We are the Cyclones Hometown Station...1430 KASI, and as always on your iHeart app.